Speed of Light

Tech-based express facials could be the secret to happy clients and increased profit, discovers Georgia Seago.

Just under half of UK salons (48%) and a quarter of spas (22%) now use LED technology in express facials, according to our latest Insider statistics. With the industry’s focus fixed on how technological advancements can give clients skin of their dreams, coupled with a largely demanding, time-poor clientele, it’s time the rest of you got tech-savvy. We look at how you can easily incorporate everything from laser to oxygen therapy into quick treatments to deliver results that impress clients and put more money in your pocket. 


Downtime has become almost as big of a consideration as price for many clients when choosing whether to invest in an advanced treatment. Enter microneedling – acting on the superficial skin layers, it gives fresh, glowing skin in as little as 25 minutes with no downtime. “It’s a convenient express facial that gives instant results,” says Amanda Ramsay, an educator for Nouveau Skin Therapy, which distributes the Dermatude Meta Therapy microneedling device. “It ticks all the boxes that today’s clients demand – quick, convenient, and no downtime.”

A device like Dermatude, which creates 2700 micro-perforations per second, leaves the skin’s top layer intact while delivering active ingredients to the basal layer where cells’ reparative response is stimulated. “Any immediate erythema usually settles within 15 to 30 minutes, so returning to work straight afterwards is possible,” adds Ramsay.

After a quick needling session, the micro-perforations remain open for around 15 minutes, so therapists can maximise even a short treatment time by applying a sheet mask rich in hydrating, rejuvenating active ingredients like peptides for five minutes. A bio-cellular mask has the added benefit of cooling the skin post-needling.

Dermatude infuses skin with one of four complementary serums, depending on the skin’s needs, but salons using a different device could apply product with similar ingredients before needling. For example, the Dermatude Extreme Lifting Complex contains vitamins A, C, & E, while the Dermatude Pigment Equaliser uses brightening extracts such as arctostaphylos (bearberry extract).

“Looking at treatment cost, technology is the winner,” says Ramsay. “Consumers want results and for the most part they’re time-poor, so they fully embrace today’s modern facials despite a higher cost than traditional treatments.” She says salons could charge between £80 and £100 for an express facial.


Professional Beauty December 2017